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CODE Mechanical Keyboard →

Jeff Atwood has created a fine mechanical keyboard dubbed the CODE Keyboard. Its most unique feature is Cherry MX clear key switches with LED backlighting. To my knowledge, this is the first mechanical keyboard with backlighting.

It looks to be very well made. Jeff partnered with WASD Keyboards, whose reputation for fine keyboards precedes them, to make CODE Keyboard a reality.

I have been a very happy user of the Das Keyboard Model S Mac for the better part of a year. It features the Cherry MX Blue key switches which are fantastic.1

The Cherry MX clear key switches are said to have a similar sonic profile to that of the Cherry MX brown variety. While I have a love for the crisp resonance of the Cherry MX blue, the quieter key :switches are most definitely more office friendly.2

More than anything, I am just thrilled that I live in a world where it’s so very easy for people to make their visions become a reality. The Internet fosters collaboration and productivity like no other technology before it. As a result, one man’s dream came true.

  1. I tell my boss that it’s easy for him to tell when I’m working. I work in a cube farm, and while my coworkers have commented on my furious typing, I don’t believe they are particularly annoyed by it.

  2. I believe I am fortunate in that my office mates don’t mind the racket I make with the Cherry MX blues.